I welcome you to my website and hope you find it helpful.

With over 36 years of experience helping people I have seen an amazing increase in the positive outcomes achieved in the informed psychotherapy I practice. These improvements are a result of the accumulation of knowledge, experience and cutting edge therapies.   

Though I am a full time psychotherapist, I am the founder of the Grief STEPtm Programs and it's Say the Right Thing and Do the Right Thing Trainings, and an Approved Consultant for EMDRIA, Certified in EMDR treatment for trauma, Certified in Clinical Hypnosis, and an approved trainer for the ICISF. I look forward 
to hearing from you.  

Is this you? If it is I might be able to help.

  • Everything is going well in your life but you wake up feeling worried or 'less than'.

  • You are bothered by thoughts of shame, embarrassment and some degree of self- hate or self-recrimination.

  • You’re an adult but sometimes think and act in a way that sabbotages your goals.

  • You have had experiences   such as - car accidents, work incidents,  confusing childhood, loss, divorce, difficult medical  experiences. 

  • You worry about your relationship with your children and others.

  • You have performance anxiety, e.g., interviewing, public speaking, sports, acting, talking, writing, singing or playing an instrument.

  • You’re stuck in judging or blaming yourself or others.

Integrated Treatment Modalities

 EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)


Clinical Hypnosis
 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

√  Comprehensive Resource Model

√  Ego State or Parts of Self Work

 Stress Management Techniques
 Support Therapies & Counseling
  Critical Incident Stress Management   


Treatment Specialties

Anxiety | Bereavement | Blocking Beliefs | Depression | Disturbing Memories | Early Childhood Trauma 
Fears | Grief | Hurt Feelings | Medical Trauma | Nightmares | Performance Anxiety | Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) | Public Speaking Phobias | Shame & Embarrassment | Situational Anxiety – e.g. talking money, marketing yourself, scary people | Stage fright | Trauma | Victims of Crime

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