Business Consultation 

Since 1981 I have been working with the business community finding appropriate ways to help their employees and managers deal with the aftermath of death and injury that impact the workplace.

I've worked onsite as a Critical Incident Stress Debriefer and Defuser with organizations such as – trucking, construction and transportation companies; retail and wholesale suppliers; financial institutions; schools; health institutions and providers; corrections, law enforcement, EMS and firefighters.

Because every business needs to be prepared for the worst (and work for the best),   I have developed many Death in the Workplace Trainings, tailored to a specific industry. I provide step by step guidelines, crisis toolkits and other supportive materials. When something tragic happens employers and their staff have something right at hand to utilize. It is hard to wing it when one is shocked.          Ph. 1 (916) 366 - 8026            California Licensed Marraige Family Therapist #MFC31887         © Mary S Reigel 2013